Objective of the Project: First investment project of Turkey regarding the collection, production and sale of biodiesel waste plantal oils.
Scope of the Project: Refers to the works performed with regard to the collection of waste plantal oils all over Turkey and foundation of a biodiesel production factory with a capacity of 50,000 tons/year and recycle of waste plantal oils into biodiesel. 
Definition of the Companies
Organizational structure: 250 people in total are employed within the company.
Location: Production factory is located in Arslanbey Organized Industrial Zone in Kartepe Territory of Kocaeli province. It is in an advantageous position due to the fact that storage facilities of the customers to carry out product sale are very close in terms of location. Waste plantal oils are collected all over Turkey by means of 74 licensed vehicles and 23 interim and 1 main storage facility. 
Project General Information: Essentially, something new was brought in Turkey thanks to collection of waste plantal oils and biodiesel production. In parallel with diesel oil application with ‘Bio-diesel' in the world, it has 4 main objectives and contributions to Turkish economy:
1. To make great contribution to human and environmental health thanks to collection and transform of waste plantal oils into a product with high added value
2. To open a new sector with high added value for agricultural products and contribute to reduction of subventions in this respect,
3. To reduce petrol dependence of Turkey
4. To reduce carbon monoxide emissions (3%) in particular and the toxic gases released during the burning operation in the motor with the mixture of biodiesel containing oxygen in the amount of 11% in its structure. If 150,000 tons of animal and plantal waste oils occurring Turkey was recovered and used in biodiesel production, greenhouse gas carbon dioxide released to atmosphere in comparison to that of diesel oil would be reduced in the amount of 450,000 tons.
Conclusion: We broke a new ground in Turkey with our project, commercial activities of which are maintained thereby having marketed all of our capacity to major distribution companies. With the transformation of waste oils into a product with higher added value we make positive contributions both to the human health and environmental health. We believe that our investment is built on correct foundations due to the fact that our company is the only manufacturer in the market and 6 customers currently buy this product and that the location is in a correct place strategically. It is of capital importance at this stage for us to support this project which has high environmental and social contribution. 

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