As TAŞYAPI İNŞAAT, we have provided and keep providing countless contributions to our country in the field of construction for more than 40 years.

DEHA Biodizel was founded with the idea of contributing to our country and our future in the sustainable energy sector and making a positive impact on combating global climate change all over the world.

Started in 2013 in our facility established in Dilovası and with the vegetable waste oil tanks and vehicle fleet across Turkey, we maintain our activities of collecting vegetable waste oil in our high-tech facility in Arslanbey Organised Industrial Zone, established with the aim of converting the waste oils collected into biofuel in the most efficient way.

With the licences we have obtained from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change and EMRA, we convert the vegetable waste oils collected across Turkey into biofuel to prevent vegetable waste oils from damaging the natural environment and water resources, as well as from posing a major threat to human health by being used in the food industry.

We produce high quality biofuel in accordance with EN 14214 standards with our fully automated refining and distillation units in our facility located in Arslanbey Organised Industrial Zone.

In our facility with 50,000 tons/year production capacity, which is capable of producing the vegetable waste oils to be collected in our country with the highest efficiency, we adopt as our mission the objectives of the ZERO WASTE PROJECT, which are defined as a waste prevention approach that includes prevention of waste, more efficient use of resources, reduction of the amount of waste generated, establishment of an effective collection system, and recycling of waste, and we continue our production in line with these objectives in the process from the collection of vegetable waste oil to production.

We are trying to fulfil our responsibility in our biofuel plant against the risk of drought and climate change that awaits our country and the whole world in the upcoming years. The biofuel we produce has a reducing effect on greenhouse gas emissions. A favourable effect of biodiesel on greenhouse gas emissions is considerable when compared to other fuels.

With the ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certificate we have, we contribute to the export of our biofuel to European countries and thus to its sustainability.

As the first biofuel production facility with the highest capacity in biodiesel production from vegetable waste oils in our country, we will carry on our activities in our facility, which we have established with great investments and labour, with the excitement and dedication of our first day...

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