TAŞYAPI completed its 42 years, full of proud in construction sector, and adopted reliability principle in the most strict manner with its accomplishments in the past years. Proud of fastening its meticulousness in location and quality with your trust and responsibility, TAŞYAPI takes a step towards  new projects with this happiness.
The common trait of TAŞYAPI projects is to have top-level of quality standards down to the last detail and not to compromise on quality with the material and application quality.
While TAŞYAPI performs its services at every stage, the company applies various standards such as ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, ISO 10002: 2018 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management System 


Paying great importance on green areas in all projects carried out thereof, TAŞYAPI offers a healthy life surrounded with very clean environment. Setting off to contribute to not only human life but also the nature, TAŞYAPI maintains its wide green area implementation in its  projects.
Directing its projects with ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, TAŞYAPI has always been an environmentally-friendly brand since the first day of its establishment up to now. 
TAŞYAPI is the first brand to limit the construction area to 10 percent and leave 90 percent of the land as green areas in all of the investments we have made up to now. This precision is on the forefront in all of the residences, we produced. Because, the air, in which we can breath, the nature, trees to keep out vitality alive, and the flowers with which we can share our love are as important as the dwellings, we live in.
Acting under the responsibility of inhabitable environment, TAŞYAPI is the first company to make investments in order to prevent environmental pollution and clean the environment. Establishing two recycling plants in this respect in Kartepe and Dilovası in İzmit, TAŞYAPI has 36 recycling plants all over Turkey. Wastes collected in these stations are processed in recycling factories and put into service of the society again after recycled to industrial products, mainly biodiesel.
All production and treatment process is managed under the control of competent authorities such as Ministry of Environment, EPDK and TÜBİTAK. 


All facilities are considered in TAŞYAPI projects for those, who have difficulty in allocating time for sports in busy and stressful urban life. Everyone who would like to do sports for a healthy life, is enabled to do sports accompanied by proffessional trainers. Most favourite fitness and sports centres in Turkey are included in all projects of TAŞYAPI.


As well as producing habitation areas in Turkey, we also pay particular attention to education and employment. In the recent period, we are planning to provide thousands of people with work opportunities. 
In order to employ the young between the ages of 18-40, we continue to create schools without any distinctions. We are continuing to develop projects in consideration of how we can make people have a job, how we can employ them. We will initially teach profession to thousands of people with the recent investments to be started and then we will offer them work opportunities.


- TAŞYAPI always works with the same attention, care and seriousness in all projects, designed thereof. Without a distinction between minor and major ones, we primarily attach great importance to the value to be added into nature by the project.

- All living quarters bearing the signature of TAŞYAPI are located in the most special parts of the territory, in terms of transportation and prestige.

- The main policy of TAŞYAPI is to carry out high-standard projects, which add value to the human dignity in compliance with customer requests and expectations that are completed in time and managed by cost-efficiency principles.

- TAŞYAPI promises to make use of all sources required to relieve all health, safety and environmental problems likely to take place during the implementation of any projects.

- TAŞYAPI develops eco-friendly projects aiming at reducing the wastes it produced.

- While trying to accomplish its strategic objectives, TAŞYAPI implements integrated management systems in compliance with legal requirements of the country, in which it operates, regarding quality, health and environment. 

- Thanks to its industrial experience and essential sources, TAŞYAPI always improves its system for the good of consumers.

- Before carrying out its projects, TAŞYAPI first and foremost considers the needs of the territory, performs its planning and then executes its investments.

- TAŞYAPI respects human, law and the society.

- TAŞYAPI aims to contribute to the benefit of the society and makes investment for Turkey of the future.

- TAŞYAPI never comprises on consciousness of viable environment and principle of a healthy society.

- TAŞYAPI attaches great importance on education for a safe future, provides solutions for unemployment with alternative employment policies, combats actively with poverty and calamity.