TAŞYAPI-TAŞZEMİN İNŞ. MADENCİLİK ENERJİ ÜRETİM SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. plans to establish and operate “Çırpılar Thermal Power Plant (200MWe/203MWm/570MWt), Ash Storage Field, Coal Business and Crushing and Elimination Facility” project in the general vicinity of Çanakkale Province, Yenice District, Çırpılar Village. 

Project area is on the 1/25,000 scale topography map  with sheet no I18-b4.  The beeline distance of the project area is 85 km from Çanakkale Province and 11 km from Yenice District. 

The Thermal Power Plant to be established in Çırpılar by TAŞYAPI A.Ş. contains one Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler that has 580 t/h capacity and uses domestic lignite as its main fuel, a steam turbine with 200 MWe installed power and other equipment. For the steam power cycle, its steam pressure is 125 bar and temperature is 510ºC. Electrostatic Filters will keep dust retention ratio over 99.9%.

İR: The coal produced at the field for which operation permit has been acquired in the 854.23 hectare coal field with license no 60, will be used. The Coal Mine will be operated as an open mine establishment and a Crushing-Elimination Facility will be established. Coal Mine production and Crushing-Elimination Facility will be active in 3 shifts 24 hours a day, 25 days a month and 12 months a year. 

The results of the reserve studies and analyses based on the original at S LAB Laboratory, performed by the Internationally Accredited German DMT company:
Average coal calories: 1200 kcal/kg
Moisture     : 25%
Ash     : 53%
S    : 1%  
Volatile Matter: 14%
Average coal intensity: 1.5 gr/cm3

General Directorate of Mining Affairs has confirmed that there is a 48.8 million tons of Coal Reserve in the Operation Permit Area 180.79 at the Coal Field no İR-60. While the reserve studies are still in progress, it is known that there is a 64.7 million tons of coal potential in the field.

This project consists of Thermal Power Plant, Ash Storage Field and Coal Mine. 

The economic calculations made with the current reserves indicate that 200 MW Thermal Power Plant will provide a 1,375,554,136 kWh contribution to our country's need for energy. 

In the thermal power plant investment where an environmentally friendly fluidized bed boiler working on domestic lignite production, domestic materials, domestic work force will be used for both coal production and thermal power plant facility, and technological materials will be imported. 

The planned project is estimated to contribute to the availability of supply alternatives, decrease natural gas use and contribute to the safety of procurement. 
Moreover, as significant employment and development will be ensured in the invested area, the local authorities will enjoy an influx of supplies.

Moreover, short and long term employment will be provided during the construction and operation of this thermal power plant, providing economic support to the local community. 

The electric energy to be generated in the facility will play a significant role in meeting the increasing electricity needs of Turkey. The sustainable, safe and quality electric energy will attract foreign investment to Turkey, helping the country develop industrially, creating new vacancies for employment in the private sector, and playing a role in the increase of income per capita. 

Energy will be generated at the Thermal Power Plant using underground riches. This will prove to be beneficial for the country's economy. The production efforts will give rise to many expenses. These expenses, new investments, personnel to be employed, construction expenses, etc. will play an important role in the employment of the locals and the development of the country's economy. Considering the interim items needed for production, fuel, food, machinery and equipment will have positive effects on the industry in which they are produced.