Initially founded in 1979 and started its corporate activities in 1985, TAŞYAPI Construction has become one of the most important construction brands of Turkey in infrastructure and superstructure contract projects, mainly in luxurious dwelling production.
Having reached an annual turnover of 1 billion dollar in infrastructure and superstructure projects; it comes to the forefront with its investments especially in residence, dwelling, building, workplaces, culture centres, sport centres, health centres, touristic complexes, highways, junctions, tunnels, pipe lines, sewage and watering systems and energy. The company has a portfolio including 9.000 luxurious residences and 1.000.000 m2 superstructure project at home; and it has reached a business volume in the amount of 950 million dollars in Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Libya abroad.

Following Turkey, it has also become one of the most significant brands of building sector internationally thanks to unlimited construction card and an extensive machinery park beyond 100.000.000 dollars.
TAŞYAPI Construction opened branches in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Russia and Tatarstan. It further aims to maintain its construction activities in the areas such as Romania, Nigeria and Georgia, which have a significant settlement potential in the world. Executing investment agreements regarding mining and railroad projects in Africa, TAŞYAPI accelerated its studies to make investment in Europe and America in the recent period.
Holder of an investment licence that exceeds 1 billion dollar for hydroelectric plants with a power of 880 megawatt at home; TAŞYAPI maintains its investments in different sectors such as energy, mining, aviation, tourism, petrol, agriculture and food apart from its main field of activity, which is construction and contracting works with more than 18 thousand employees and 15 subsidiaries.

Winning the tender for assignment of operation rights of Ercan Airport in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 2012, it was included in distinguished construction brands, performing airport management in Turkey.
Four Winds project, consisting of 4 blocks with 45 floors that was built making use of latest technology in Selamiçeşme, İstanbul with a perfect view and architecture; Koşuyolu Koru Houses Project in Altunizade consisting of 13 blocks with 208 flats, Mashattan project in Maslak Istanbul, consisting of 10 blocks with 40 floors, İstanbul Ataköy Novus Residence with 248 dwellings which just corresponds to the concept of residence and Almondhill project with 750 dwellings, located in Acıbadem, one of the elite settlement areas of Anatolian side of Istanbul are among the significant projects.

TAŞYAPI isn't only engaged in the field of luxurious dwelling, it also increased its strength in tourism with its investments in Mecidiyeköy Trump Towers Project, consisting of 44-storey blocks along with 5-star Double Tree by Hilton Istanbul Moda hotel project.
TAŞYAPI completed and delivered the part, in the amount of approximately 200 million dollars, of domestic and foreign infrastructure projects undertaken thereof. 
TAŞYAPI reached part of 500 million dollars in just 14 months, out of 3 billion dollar endorsement in 7 seven years, which is targeted in residence, business center and hotel buildings.
Obtained in 38-year history full of achievements, TAŞYAPI crowned its commercial achievements with social responsibility projects, one more significant than the other. In this respect, school buildings, child raising hostels, constructed in several provinces of our country as well as social residences, built for the families of martyrs are the source of proud for TAŞYAPI. 
TAŞYAPI also supports cultural and sportive activities with Elemental-Wellness brand.
Warranting quality life and safe living quarters in all areas, it makes an investment, TAŞYAPI designs and realizes new projects by knowing the value of human life.
TAŞYAPI has adopted it as the main policy to meet the requests of the customers and go beyond their expectation thereby managing its projects, carried into effect by harmonizing its knowledge, experience and technology, with correct timing, top-end sense of quality and rationalist cost principles.

Trying to attain its goals with new investments, TAŞYAPI focuses on environmentally-friendly projects without making concessions on environmental sensitivity and comply at the top-level with the applicable legal requirements of the country where it operates. In all projects, an efficient and effective, integrated management system, including quality, aesthetic, worker's health, safety and environmental issues, is applied.
Well-trained, devoted and industrious staff of TAŞYAPI as well as its experienced and professional senior management staff had an influence for the current position of  TAŞYAPI, which gained a deserved dignity from its establishment until now. Operating with 38-year of industrial and commercial knowledge, TAŞYAPI will continue to build our future thanks to informed, devoted and professional staff.