Hosted by İskenderun Technical University (ISTE),10th Hatay Human Resources and Employment Fair started. Speaker of the day, Emrullah Turanlı, the owner of Taşyapı Group said that it is not possible to carry out quality work with minimum wage and that it is essential to make the unemployed be skilled. He further clarified that he would immediately employ one thousand people.

Erdal Ata, the Governor of Hatay, the rector of ISTE, the rector of MKU and Cafer Uzunkaya, Assistant General Manager of Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) as well as the invitees took part in the opening of the Fair, which will last for 2 days. Job applications were made to the companies in the stands opened therein. Participating as the speaker in the first day, Emrullah Turanlı, the owner of Taşyapı Group, spoke as follows stating that unemployment is a very major problem: ”In this current period of our country, in which unemployment oppresses the world today, this poverty is not only in Turkey but also in the world.''
''Rest assured that the cost of living for a person, who earns one thousand dollar, one thousand euro, one thousand five hundred euro today in America, Europe is really a thousand fold more difficult than ours. There are also many people there, who are not well-trained, well-educated, that are not mastered, failed to finish the school and find a job. They invite us to America to make investment and say that they would pave the way for us so that we would never encounter any problem, they even propose to pay some of the taxes as long as we go there and make investment. But why? They don't want their citizens become unemployed, remain in the streets, and underpaid in America. Unemployment oppresses all over the Europe, Balkan States. Unemployment is a major problem all over the world.” 

20-40 YEARS OF AGE PROBLEM REGARDING UNEMPLOYMENT, Highlighting that the unemployed in Turkey has two problems; Turanlı continued his speech: “The unemployed has two problems. On the one hand, those, who are between the ages of 20-40 years, they had graduated from their schools or unschooled, lacking higher education, applied training, that is to say they don't have a perfect job, they had just graduated from schools and wandering about. There is no job, these friends are true-hearted, they are bright and want to earn money. They want to spend money, have a dwelling, buy a car, get married and have children. But unfortunately they are not able to enjoy life with such happiness. Why he fails to do so? Because, he has no job, no food, no bread, in fact he doesn't have any other problems. Well then, what should be done to get the best of these bright brothers, friends, our children? It is essential to employ them so that they can live in happiness. There is no other solution. There isn't any other way to do so.

These people should definitely earn.” NO FULL UP WITH 1.400 LIRAS, stating that a person, who earns 1.400 liras in Turkey as a minimum wage can't full up,  Emrullah Turanlı, the owner of Taşyapı Group continued his speech as follows: ”I tell you what, a person can't full up with TL 1.400, this is impossible. We all know that whomever says this is not telling the truth. It is not possible to full up. Suppose that, his/her spouse earns another TL 1.400, it makes 2.800 liras and it is not possible to full up again. We have two problems, one of them is to provide employment for people, and the other is to increase the revenue of those, who are employed. Why, because that person should live at ease. How come a person, who earns 1.500 liras today can live at ease. You know, we have two big problems. On the one hand, the person has a job but his salary is low, on the other hand such person has no job at all, God forbid! We have to settle these two matters. We should get efficiency from the person to increase the salary. It is essential that the person should have a high efficiency.” OPEN YOUR MOUTH FOR YOUR FUTURE, Remarking that the biggest problem arises out of education, Emrah Turanlı continued his speech as follows emphasizing that it is essential to proceed to applied training: “I tell you what, we employ 4 thousand people directly and 15 thousand people indirectly, and when my architect fellow, mechanical engineer fellow graduates from a high school and apply for a job, believe me my masters, governor, rector, I feel sorry, grieved. Why should that young fellow  earns a salary in the amount of 2 thousand,  2 thousand and 500 hundred liras, this fellow had spent all his youth life at the rows of the universities. But the parents are severely depressed. Why? How will we find a job for this child. What is the reason for this? This stems from lack of applied training. Businessmen like us, should wait for these young people, who graduate from school at these doors. We shouldn't be called and asked to employ that person. This is why, this training should proceed to perfect applied training system.

For God's sake, I request political leaders, governors, rectors, Minister of National Education. I request our student fellows to open you mouths for your future and  demand from the politicians, imply that you ask for applied training. So that you would be in a position to earn a salary of 10 thousand liras when you graduate from the schools. My sons, daughters, don't waste your twenty years. My children also graduated from high schools. But I share the same sorrows.” FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE OVERCOME THAT BUREAUCRACY''  Having said that ''Dear governor, may God bless you all, a thousand times, why? because we request you, for God's sake, to break the chain of that bureaucracy, pave the  way for businessmen and not to block anything'' then Emrullah Turanlı, the owner of Taşyapı Group continued as follows: "Let all Turkey stand up. These children are the children of this nation. They are the sons and daughters of this nation no matter which party, organization, whomever, they vote for. They have to eat their fill, they have to full up. Never mind applause, you can applaud later. What is important is my communication with those, who invited me. Applause is nothing to do with me. Brothers! we shouldn't applaud it as a success if any of our sons and brothers, who received education and graduated from school, fail to fill their eat. we have to brood over this. Because, these our children, not someone else's  Even, these children our young people will dominate the world.”

Turanlı also promised to employ one thousand people immediately in this part of his speech. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED. Emphasizing that purchasing power is evenly low in a country where there are 12 million unemployed,  Emrullah Turanlı, the owner of Taşyapı Group, completed his speech as follows: ”All my business mates, all investors, all of them suffer from the same grievance, they look for qualified man labor force. We should definitely train those who are between the ages of 20-40. Our people are miserable, we have 12 million unemployed people, this is incredible. And one more thing we have, let's say the unemployed with 1500 liras. Automotive industry doesn't operate, refrigerator, television and furniture dealers are at rest. Why? It is not possible to produce furniture with one thousand four hundred. It is not possible to produce car with 1.400 liras; it is not possible to carry out anchovy boat with 1400 liras. These people should earn much more so that he could render much service. This is why, we should open training courses.”