In the richest residential and commercial area in Istanbul, The Şişli Kaptanpaşa Residence Project offers all benefits of the city and places luxurious residence facilities and shopping mall at the focal point of business life, right at the heart of the city. 

Total land area: 20,298 m²
Total construction area: 237,162 m²
Building area: 52,211 m²
Shopping mall area: 19,171m²
Hotel area: 30,532 m²
Other area (Activity area): 19,520 m²
Parking lot area: 115,737 m²
Basement area: 160,334 m²
Surface area: 76,828 m²
Basement: 12 floors
Surface: Ground floor + 61 floors
Maximum Height of Building: 216,20 meters
Social facilities: At the heart of city, all benefits of the city, luxurious residences …

the heart of the city

all benefits of the city

luxurious residences

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