We entered into the sector under the name of Tamyapı. 


We accelerated our activities in 30 different construction-sites, carrying out the first growth move.


We brought in TAŞYAPI trademark to Turkey.


We had started our major investments with an industrial zone Project for 2500 workplaces in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul. 


We completed Kızıltoprak Tower Mansion Residences project. 


It was a fresh starting date for TAŞYAPI as in all construction sector.


We completed Kuriş Residences project.

We completed residence construction in Kocasinan Quarter of Bahçelievler District, built to be assigned to surviving families of those among public officials, who became martyr on duty such as police, soldier, fireman and municipal police.


We completed Novice Residence Project, consisting of 248 residences, exactly corresponding to residence concept, that was built on an area of 100.000 square meters in Ataköy, Istanbul.

We accomplished Coca Cola Service Building Project.

We accomplished Çiftehavuzlar-Erenköy Residence Project.

We accomplished Sunset Residences Project.

We accomplished Çekmeköy Reşadiye Villas Project.

We completed the construction of Istanbul Police Department Additional Service Building and Training and Culture Centre Facilities.

We accomplished Medical Park Hospital Project in Göztepe, Kadıköy in Istanbul Anatolian Side. 


We completed Green Valley Mansions.

We completed Almondhill Project, consisting of 750 residences, located on an area of 200.000 square meters in Acıbadem, Istanbul.

We accomplished Taşyapı Residence Project.

We accomplished Pigeon Nest Residences, Apartment Flats Project.

We accomplished Suadiye Notary Street Residences Turkey Project.


We accomplished three-star Istanbul-Moda Double Tree Hilton Project in Kadıköy-Moda.


We completed Mashattan Project, consisting of 10 blocks with 40 floors on an area of 440.000 square meters in Maslak Istanbul.

We accomplished Fenerbahçe Dalyan Residences Project in Fenerbahçe, one of the most well-known districts of Anatolian Side of Istanbul.



We won the tender regarding transfer of operating right of TRNC Ercan Airport for 25 years.

We broke the speed record in school building competition with ''School Transfer in 70 Days.''

We completed Mecidiyeköy Trump Tower Project, consisting of blocks with 44 floors on an area of 200.000 square meters and put into service for business world in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul.

We completed the construction of Gayrettepe Parking Lot in Beşiktaş.

We completed the construction of Tarlabaşı Parking Garage in Beyoğlu.



TAŞYAPI achieved the section of 500 million dollar in a short time such as 14 months out of the turnover amount of 3 billion dollars in 7 years, targeted for residence, workplace, hotel constructions.

We accomplished modern residence project, consisting of 3 residences with 4 floors in the western side of Taslama street in Ashkhabad city.


We completed Four Winds Project, consisting of 4 blocks with 45 floors on an area of 44.000 square meters in Selamiçeşme in Istanbul.


We brought a new mentality in the sector deciding to put an end to sale through model.

Producing 9,000 luxurious residences in the country since its establishment up to now, TAŞYAPI achieved a phenomenal success.

TAŞYAPI used an area of 1.500.000 m2 for the superstructure projects carried out up to now.

Corresponding to 85% of the construction areas utilized thereof, TAŞYAPI put the area of 1.275.000 m2 into the service of people as green areas and areas for different social activities through environmental implementations.

Riding high within the borders of Turkey, TAŞYAPI has a labour volume in the amount of 1 billion dollar.

TAŞYAPI machinery pool reached to a value of 100 million dollars.

TAŞYAPI holds an investment license for hydroelectric plants with a power of 880 megawatt that exceeds 1 billion dollars.

Holding employees more than 18.000, TAŞYAPI has become one of the most dynamic trademarks today in Turkey.

As well as construction and building sector, which is the main field of activity, TAŞYAPI comes to the forefront as a significant investment family with 15 individual companies in 10 different sectors.

We can list all our significant projects with the following characteristics such as year, region, field of activity, length, the number of floors, square meter etc. 



We completed Koşuyolu Koru Residences, which is a very advantageous Project at the heart of Usküdar in Anatolian side of Istanbul.