Construction work for Sivas – Şarkışla division– Kangal (section 2) road km: 56+841.89-70+724.15 and Kangal – Alacahan – road km: 70 + 724.15 - 106 + 544.66 sections. Missing earth works, engineering structures works of the road in section of 79.70 km in total, which was opened to traffic in the previous years in the form of 2 x 2 divided road at level of surface dressing starting from km: 56+841 section of Sivas - Malatya road up to km: 106+544 (provincial border of 8th region) including Kangal gate as well, construction of new bridges at proper width for the divided road thereby demolishing current stream bridges, plant mix sub-base, Plant Mix Base layer reinforcements in compliance with final project elevations following the establishment of missing at-grade intersections by removing the current surface treatment layers, construction work for road's binder and wearing courses, bituminous base, which are bituminous hot mixture layers,  

Agreement Date: 29.03.2013
Work Completion Date: 20.03.2018

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