Earth works, engineering structures, superstructure and construction of several works in several sections of Kazan-Kızılcahamam-Gerede Road (KM:46+500-137+454), construction work for road's binder and wearing courses, bituminous base, which are bituminous hot mixture layers plant mix sub-base, Plant Mix Base layer in compliance with final project elevations thereby removing current surface dressing layers following the establishment of 
at-grade intersections, bridges, engineering works, earth works required for transformation of current road with surface treatment and in low standards, with 2x2 lanes in several sections Kazan - Kızılcahamam - Gerede road  (Km: 46 + 500 - 137 + 454) into BSK coated road with 2x2 lanes. 

Agreement Date: 16.02.2015
Work Completion Date: 01.03.2018