That it has the biggest vehicle fleet in the sector and wide collection network of Turkey…
That it is the best-known brand in the sector, with background information and experience about the regulations and standards and that it possesses the production facilities with cutting edge technology brought Deha Biodiesel in the leading position within the sector…
As in all of the world, biodiesel also gained importance rapidly in our country and became a significant industrial branch. Biodiesel is a very old growth industry due to the fact that technological facilities are a few as well as low licensed producing and collecting companies in the market just as it is a detailed sector in terms of legal (rules and laws), statutory (license, TSE etc.), technical and commercial perspectives. Now the procedures such as obtaining a license and those regarding TSE were completed. Increase in petrol prices in the recent period gained acceleration for biodiesel sector and it became the star of recycling industry. Significant and profitable sector of future, biodiesel will gain currency much more in the following years. Pursuant to current regulations (Environmental Law no. 2872 and Regulation on Control of Plantal Waste Oils), it is not allowed to pour out plantal waste oils and it is obligatory to give such to the licensed collector company free of charge. 

Why Deha Biodiesel?

We have paid particular attention to Re&De activities since 2001, we aim to become operational in Dilovası region and increase the amount of 8 thousand tons of plantal waste oil all over Turkey to 15 thousand tons with consciousness-raising studies and contribute to energy need by producing biodiesel from plantal and animal waste oils by breaking the grounds in Turkey. One of the leading companies of the sector about producing biodiesel from plantal waste oils, the company was structured in order to carry out the recycle of waste oils, collected in temporary storage areas in many major provinces of Turkey. 

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Leading position in the sector

Production plant with cutting edge technology

wide collection network of Turkey

Knowledge and experience about legislation and standards

That it has the biggest vehicle fleet in the sector 

That it is the best-known brand in the sector